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Cautions during an order or usage for zippers

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Cautions when ordering zippers

  • If you choose zippers considering only design, it could cause problems based on the weight of the fabric material.

    Choose the right zipper for the fabric material's weight to minimize any defects.
  • If you use Non-lock sliders on the apparel's front zippers or pants zippers, zipper slide could unlock by itself.

    Use Auto-lock sliders and in case of pants zippers, use Semi-autolock sliders to obtain maximum protection.

Cautions when using Metal zippers

    • If chemical products from leather fabric, surfactants from washing products, or water from washing remain on the Metal zipper’s teeth, it could lead to discoloration or denaturalization of the Metal zipper’s teeth.
    • If you use Antique-plated Metal zipper on bright fabric, it could diffuse colors from zipper onto the fabric.
    • Metal zipper’s teeth is processed using paraffin to enable better sliding. If it is steam ironed, it could spread its color onto the fabric.

    Use coated zipper teeth when manufacturing Metal zippers. By putting paper between zippers, the deterioration can be minimized when stored. please make sure it is completely dried when the apparel washing, or steam-ironing. 

Contrast zipper tape & Cotton tape

  • Even if the contrast zipper, given other conditions there could be changes in the characteristics of it.

    In cases of general colors it's impossible for 100% color effect. However, you could seek for specially processed coloration in terms of black color.
  • Zippers that used tape from all-cotton will have lower tensile strength versus tapes that used standard polyester tape.

    You could increase tensile strength If manufacture by mixed spinning. However, there could be differences in colors.

Cautions when washing clothes

  • Parts of a zipper can come off or be damaged if washed with the zipper open.

    Sliders could come off if washed with the zipper open. A zipper should be closed and the slider fixed before cleaning. it's proper and safe to zip it up and put it in the washer.
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